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June, 2021.

Alex assists Tolu in getting a girl he really likes in a cute way. What are friends for yeah? Click the link below to watch  and please subscribe to our Youtube channel :)

How Do You Say?


July 2021

This is a game played amongst creatives within the communal space of 989 Workspaces in Victoria Island. Click the link below to watch, enjoy  😊 

IWD Video


March 8, 2021

Beautiful Ladies and gentleman of 989 Workspaces created an amazing video for International Women's Day. #IWD

More Than a community of women.

Lagos | Nigeria



March. 12, 2021

Omololu re-creates Bryson Tiller's video Don't with his beautiful friend Abiola. Click the link below to watch it.

More Than Just a reality TV Star

Lagos | Nigeria


Street Art Tours

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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Club 989 X Studio MCCXLV.

Studio Orry partners with 989 to showcase artworks of various talented artists. Click the link to see their amazing work :)



10 Popular Local Street Artists You Should Follow

Coming soon.


Yaba Art Installations

Coming Soon


Word of Mouth

Being a member of this community is a big flex for me. I get to meet with a lot of brilliant minds on a weekly basis.

Michelle O

Lagos | Nigeria

I loooove club 989, the benefits of being a member are immense.

Ayo Whiz

Lagos | Nigeria

The fact that I can make money while having fun is something that I cherish the most and I also get to meet and network with like minds 

Yimika Fagbenro

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

I love the fresh content posted monthly by this community and I appreciate how local creators/creatives are promoted. Well done guys

Donna Tzuker

Hamburg | Germany

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